YuJay is the main protagonist in the Time Duel Anime.In the outside he is a geek but inside he is a blazing duelist that consists of battle,that is released in a duel.

Biography Edit

A geek in the past,a strong duelist in the present.He never dueled before his training.And when he dueled it was miraculous.

Deck Edit

He plays a Machine deck with an Xyz strategy with his most powerfull card being "Rank-Up Magic Techno Force" and ace monster being "Winged Propeller Dragon"



Normal Monsters

Effect Monsters

  • Winged Propeller Dragon
  • Cyber Dragon x2

Extra Deck:

Xyz Monsters

  • Robo Wolf The Howling
  • Cyber Nova Dragon

Fusion Monsters

  • Bionic Blazer


  • TechnoShot GAMA
  • TechnoShot ALPHA
  • TechnoShot DELTA


  • Mirror Force
  • XYZ Robotic Force
  • Lockdown of the Spirits
  • Robotics Eye

Duels Edit


Jake Mylor,Ep:2,Lose

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