The episodes name is "Dark is here"

Summary Edit

At the school a green hair guy with sunglasses is dueling 2 students.He defeated both by an unknown spell.Then he meets YuJay and escapes.His name is revealed as Dexdo Andes and his face is just like YuJays.

Duels: 1:Dexdo VS Unknown , 2:Dexdo VS Unknown Edit

Duel 1: Edit

Duel begins from an unknown turn.Dexdo controls "Lio" (2500/800) and 2 facedown cards.And his opponent controls 3 facedown cards.

Turn ?:Dexdo Andes: Edit

"Lio" Attacks, but his opponent activates "Negate Attack" and then Dexdo Plays "???Flash" and wins.

Duel 2: Edit

Duel begins from an unknown turn.His opponent has one facedown card

Turn ?:Dexdo Andes Edit

He summons "MaXXX-Ray"(0/3000)Its effect adds "SkyX" & "???Flash" to Dexdo's hand.He plays "???Flash".But his opponent activates "Fear Inflict" to negate the effect and make Dexdo discard all cards in his hand.Dexdo discards: "SkyX", "MachineryDeflect" & "PolymerBlastX".The effect of "SkyX" activates to add "???Flash" to Dexdos hand.Dexdo activates "???Flash" and wins.