The episodes name is "New Friendship"


At the school YuJay is adding new card's to his deck and he drops a card.A kid named Jake Mylor gets it for him.Later Pr.Barkman makes Jake and YuJay duel.After the duel YuJay & Jake become best friends

Duel: YuJay VS JakeEdit

Turn 1:YuJay AvanyEdit

He normal summons "Fire Woman" (1000/0) he then sets 2 cards and ends the turn

Turn 2: Jake MylorEdit

He special summons "Black Tail Warrior" (2600/0).Then he normal summons "Plasma Dragon" (1300/800) he activates "Plasma Dragons" effect to special summon "Energy Dragon" (800/400).Then he tunes "Plasma" & "Energy" to Synchro summon "Stardust Dragon" (2500/2000)."Stardust" attacks but YuJay plays his facedown "Robotics Eye" to negate the attack and treat "Fire Woman" as a Machine-type monster.Then he activates his facedown "TechnoShot ALPHA"."Black Tail Warrior" attacks directly by it's own effect (YuJay 4000-1400)

Turn 3: YuJay AvanyEdit

First the effect of "TechnoShot ALPHA" activates (Jake 4000-3500).He plays "Polymerization" to Fuse "Fire Woman" & "Bionic Warrior" to Fusion Summon "Bionic Blazer" (2300/1000)

Turn 4: Jake MylorEdit

The effect of "ALPHA" activates (Jake 3500-3000).He activates "Miracle Synchro Fusion" to fuse "Black Tail" & "Stardust" to Fusion Summon "Rider of Dragons" (3000/900).He then plays "Shyning Fusion Knight" (Rider of Dragons 3000-6000)."Rider" attacks (YuJay 1400-0)