This is the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Time Duel's.The name of the episode is "The New School"

Summary Edit

Behind a school a boy is running.He entered a classroom and sead his name is YuJay Avany.The Teacher enter's and bump's into YuJay and his deck scatter's everywhere.The cards "Winged Proppeler Dragon","TechnoShot DELTA","Mirror Force","TechnoShot ALPHA",two "Cyber Dragon"'s,"Cyber Nova Dragon","Robo Wolf the Howling", & "Rank-Up Magic Techno Force" are seen on the floor.Techer gives him "Bionic Warrior","Fire Woman" & "Bionic Blazer".And they begin a duel for YuJay to make up for being late.

Duel: YuJay VS Pr.Barkman Edit

Turn 1:YuJay Avany Edit

He normal summons "Techno Bot" in ATK (500/2000).He then sets 3 cards

Turn 2: Pr.Barkman Edit

Because he has no monsters in his graveyard he special summons "Guardian Eatos"(2500/2000)."Eatos" attacks (YuJay 4000-2000)Pr.Barkman sets 2 cards.

Turn 3: YuJay Avany Edit

He special summons "Cyber Dragon" (2100/1600).Then he plays his face-down "Lockdown of the Spirits" to destroy "Eatos".He then plays "Polymerization" to fuse "Bionic Warrior" & "Fire Woman" to summon "Bionic Blazer"(2300/1000)."Blazer" & "Cyber Dragon" attack (Pr.Barkman 4000-0)