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He is YuJay's best friend.As they havent met in the past now they are the best tag duel team.

Biography Edit

The ultimate duelist even better tha YuJay.His Synchro and Fusion strategy's win everything.

Deck Edit

He uses a Dragon and Knight deck that are divided in two strategy's.Warriors are Fusion & Dragons are Synchro.

Deck: Edit


Effect Monsters:

  • Black Tail Warrior
  • Energy Dragon

Tuner Monsters:

  • Plasma Dragon

Extra deck:

Fusion Monsters:

  • Rider of Dragons

Synchro monsters:

  • Stardust Dragon


  • Miracle Synchro Fusion
  • Shyning Fusion Knight

Duels Edit

YuJay Avany,Ep:2,Win

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