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He is the main antagonist of this series, that has ben capturing the souls of duelists in YuJay's shcool in cards.His face is just like YuJay's.

Biography Edit

He has a flashing spell card that his dad (who is currently in jail) gave to him.The spell can win the duel and capture the soul and dueling skills.He has appeared for the first time on episode 3 capturing 2 random students in two cards.His spell can also capture duel monster spirits by making the cards that keep the spirit a peace of paper.


Deck Edit

Random Deck: Edit

He play's an unknown deck that has cards like "Lio" & "SkyX" so its random.

Deck: Edit


Normal monsters:

  • Lio
  • MaXXX-Ray


  •  ???Flash
  • MachineryDefflect
  • PolymerBlastX
  • SkyX

Sloppy Deck: Edit

His real deck is actually a archtype deck that is amazing for fusion.

Deck: Edit


Effect Monsters:

  • Slop Zombie

Duels Edit



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